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Make Timeshare Donations. We are committed to making your timeshare donation experience with us a good one. Here is what some recent timeshare donors have to say about their experience with us. Please call us at (813) 249-4910, email us at aboutfvaa@gmail.com or fill out our timeshare donations contact form if you would like to correspond or speak with any of these or our many other timeshare donation donors.

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October 16, 2015

Timeshare Donations June 25

To all of you timeshare owners out there that have been scammed, lied to, cheated, and have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of their property, or properties, Florida Veterans Assistance is the REAL DEAL. I tried at least three times, and paid well over $1500 for advertisement costs in order to try and sell my timeshare. I came to the conclusion that the only way I was going to get rid of my undesirable timeshare was to donate it. It’s really sad that it had to come down to donating, but we all know that certain timeshares have just plain crappy trading power, and maintenance fees are escalating every year. I have to say I was very skeptical when Florida Veterans Assistance first contacted me due to the negative experiences with all those swindlers out there. Yes you do have to pay a small payment up front, but you can write off the administrative fees, and in most cases write off up to $5000 for your donation. The up front fee is nominal and knowing that you’ll finally be out from under that timeshare is peace of mind.
In fact I contacted many places that accept timeshare donations, and because I did in fact have such an undesirable location they wouldn’t even accept my donation. How disheartening is that? But Florida Veterans Assistance came to my rescue. They assured me that my donation would be accepted, and things would be done expeditiously. To write over the deed, and the miscellaneous paperwork that had to be done, the timeshare was donated in less than a month. It was a seamless transaction, and all parties involved were completely competent, easily assessable, and friendly. If you’re serious about donating your timeshare I would highly recommend using Florida Veterans Assistance.

Brian M Mount Wolf, PA. October 16, 2015

Donated January 14

Yes, I finally completed the donation process of my timeshare! There must have been some sort of mix up in the mail, because I did not receive my documents/tax receipts until I called. Of course, I received them promptly a few days later. So, I’m not sure what happened. My wife has a bad habit of throwing away “junk mail”, so that could explain it.
I really enjoyed all the help your company gave me through this process as well was Trejesto Title. If I ever had a question, everyone was real professional, and had great positive attitudes. It has been a real pleasure to donate to your charity. As an active duty member of the Navy, I’m just glad to give back to the other veterans out there. Its important to never forget the people who wore the uniform long before some of us were ever born. So, it was the least I could do. I would be glad to vouch for you and your company as a reference anytime. Thank you for all the help!

Shaun P October 16, 2015

Donated July 9

This is to extend sincere thanks to you and the Florida Veterans Assistance Association for your capable help in arranging and completing the process of our timeshare donation. As a veteran it was a pleasure to support your organization. I was particularly impressed with how thoroughly you described how the donation would be handled as well as your availability to answer any questions which came up. Thanks also for your reports on the progress of the transfer as it moved through the system. The transaction has been successfully concluded and we are well pleased with your capable help.
As you know the timeshare sales industry is noted for its ample number of untrustworthy characters seeking to swindle those who wish to buy or sell a timeshare. It was a real source of encouragement to be able to have confidence in the honesty and integrity of both you and your organization.

Thank you again,

Tom W October 16, 2015

Donated September 22

I’m writing to thank you for the professional handling of my timeshare donation to Florida Veterans. As I mentioned in my first exploratory conversation with you, I have tried on a couple of occasions to sell the timeshare unit (a relatively nice Hawaiian unit on Kauai), have found that the re-sale marketplace is populated with opportunists trying to make an easy buck (upfront charges with no visible effort to sell the unit), and I was very defensive about the donation process and whether this was just another scam. As you mentioned to me, there is one blemish in your organization’s history that is visible on the Internet, but you seemed to me to be a straight shooter and I was won over.
The process takes some time, but through it all you have been totally professional, have returned all my phone calls, and have pursued answers to questions so that I could remain comfortable as the process ran its course. I’m very pleased that everything has worked out as advertised, and I can’t thank you enough for providing great “customer service” and working to keep the transaction on course.
Please feel free to use my note of appreciation however it may help in your future activities.

Steve C October 16, 2015

Donated October 29

My experience with you and your organization was fantastic. My wife and I were very pleased and relieved that we found such an easy solution to donating our timeshare.
I don’t have a problem being a reference for future purposes.

Thank you again,

Luis S October 16, 2015

Donated October 29

What a nice surprise to hear from you. I’d be happy to give you a few good words.
“Many thanks to YOU, and the Florida Veterans Assistance Association, for all your help in getting this transaction completed. We had tried for several years to sell the timeshare, because we just weren’t able to utilize it like we had intended when we purchased it. Needless to say, we were ripped off repeatedly, and still had the timeshare and dues. When you contacted me, I was a little leery, because I had contacted another company and been turned down, but I think they actually directed you to us. From that point on, it was as smooth as glass. Your assistance was invaluable, as well as that of the staff at the title company. We were also rushing to beat the end of year dues, and I am pleased to say, we did! I have referred several friends. As a veteran myself, it is nice to know the timeshare is being used to benefit those who in need. I have another one actually, and I will be contacing you about that one in the future.”

Thanks again so much. I hope this little blurb is helpful to you and you may use me as a reference any time. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Take Care and Be Well.

Most Sincerely,

Linda S October 16, 2015

Donated November 12

Thank you for the follow-up. We have received all of the documents and are waiting to submit them for our 2010 taxes. If needed, you can use us as a reference as the transaction went smooth and was as you had described. Thank you again.

Shaun October 16, 2015

Donated December 21

I am very pleased with the whole donation process. It is so smooth that I don’t need to worry about any a single step toward the title transfer. Please feel free to use me as a reference.


Zhengchang October 16, 2015

Donated January 13

Sorry for the delay. Apparently one of the kids opened this and I wasn’t aware of it. Anyway in response we are very pleased with the way everything worked out. It went just as you said it would. Thanks for everything. I would be very happy to be a reference for you. Thanks again.

Dan October 16, 2015

Donated February 15

Sorry it took a while to reply. Work & life have been keeping me busy.
The transfer is complete and I must say, the process was pretty easy. I found the timeshare coordinator, to be polite, helpful & pleasant. If you need me as a reference, feel free.


Sharon R October 16, 2015

Donated December 30

Sure you may use me as a reference, I was happy to help with my donation.

Jim October 16, 2015

January 14

you can use me as a reference.
I had sent you a few sentences about the experience already.
I’m so glad to get rid of the timeshare and the hassle.

thanks for all your help with the timeshare and for helping the veterans

dj October 16, 2015

Donated April 1

sure..you can always use me as a reference. “Your services were friendly, prompt, accurate and had no hidden fees, charges or other costs. My wife and I appreciate the service.”

October 16, 2015

Donated June 29

I apologize for my delay in response.
However, I would love to thank you for your services. It was so easy to transfer my timeshare to the Florida Veterans Assistance Association.
I was skeptical at first because I had been down this road before with companies promising me that I could get rid of my timeshare but wanting ridiculous amounts of money.
Not only were your services reasonably priced but your association actually did what it was supposed to.
I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get rid of their timeshare. Please feel free to have anyone contact me with questions.
Again thank for your assistance. I am happy and timeshare free!

Constance B October 16, 2015

Donated December 22

We were very pleased with the process. You were a joy to work with and we are glad we could help the veterans! The process was easy to go through and you don’t know what a burden lifted from donating are two time shares. My parents have been trying for some time to get “rid” of them with no luck so thank you! You may use me as a reference when needed.

Take care,
Linda W

Later she wrote:


LINDA W October 16, 2015

Donated December 9

I am fine and very happy with the service you provided me, and yes you can use me as ref. If your clients have any questions they can call us. We used the time share for many years & enjoyed it until our health got to be an issue.

Richard & Judith K October 16, 2015

Donated January 14

Hello…how are you?
We did received all the paperwork from you, the title company, and the resort. I very much appreciated the professionalism and expertise of all the parties involved. The transition from one owner to the other was quick, easy, and painless. Everything was over and done with within a one month timeframe.
You can definitely use me as a reference whenever the need arises. I will keep you in mind when I hear of other people interested in donating their timeshare.
Thank you too for all your help.

Best regards,

Cora October 16, 2015

Donated March 10

We couldn’t be happier. It was so nice not to get a maintenance bill this year. Everything went just as you described. We are fortunate not to have this timeshare hanging over us anymore.
You are welcome to use us as a reference.

Thanks for all your help!

Shannon October 16, 2015

Donated March 19

It was good to hear from you. Yes, I was VERY pleased with the way this was handled. I found you to be very truthful and very willing to answer any questions I had. You can certainly use me as a reference from time to time. The transfer company was also very good to work with. I still have a time share in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. If I decide to get rid of it, I will certainly give you a call. I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again. Have a great day!

Jo Ann B October 16, 2015

Donated March 25

Thanks for handling our timeshare mess. We were so glad to have you. You took care of everything. We would be happy to be a reference for you.

Your simple the best,

Dave and Nancy October 16, 2015

Donated March 31

I was surprised how easy the process was but I must admit going into the program I was a little skeptical. thanks for the help and responding to my many questions. You may use me for a reference anytime. Folks just don’t realize how bad an investment timeshares are. And selling them is nearly impossible. Got the idea of donating them from Clark Howard. Minimize the losses and get rid of them. Thanks again.

Kevin R October 16, 2015

Donated April 1

Our experience with your organization was pleasant. Every step was exactly as described to us by your staff. Our questions and concerns were answered promptly and we received all documentation as promised.
We would be glad to act as a reference for the process.


Jimmie B and Warren B October 16, 2015

Donated April 8

I was just thinking about you guys and wondering if you were still accepting donations.

Yes, you may use me as a reference. I thought the process was very easy and smooth. It was a pleasure dealing with your organization and the title company. I believe our veterans should get all the support we can give them in any way!

A couple of things. First, I am still trying to prepare my 2010 taxes and seem to be missing a document from you. May I let you know later if there is something I need that I have lost?

Second, I have a week at Orange Lake (week 3) that I would like to donate. I have been out of work for almost 2 years so am trying to come up with the monies I would need. I really wanted to hold onto this week but it just is not financially feasible. Please let me know the lowest fee I would need for you. I think the title company is about $350.

Please let me know if I can do anything else for you!


Cindy October 16, 2015

Donated March 29

Donnie and I were very satisfied with the process of donating our timeshare and the fact that we are supporting Veterans made it that much better. As I recall, our part in the process was minimal.
You are welcome to use us as a reference.

Thank you,

Marilyn October 16, 2015

Donated April 13

The experience ended up great. It just took a little longer than I expected but it turned out and we are no longer paying the yearly fees and that is just fine with us.
Yes you can use my reference if you like.

Skip October 16, 2015

Donated July 13

Everything you did was the best i will recommend your company to everyone i know looking to donate a time share .Yes you can use me as a reference any time my friend mr. Binder has already used you.

Richard October 16, 2015

Donated July 14

Yes the process went very smoothly and I’m pleased to have donated my timeshare to your organization. Hopefully a few dollars came of it which can go to help our veterans.

Yes, feel free to use my name as a reference on occasion.

Richard October 16, 2015

Donated August 3

YES! We are finally rid of that Timeshare and it is all thanks to you and the Florida Veterans Assistance Association Inc. This process was quicker that we thought it was going to be. From start to finish, I believe it only took 2 1/2 to 3 months. We thought we were running into another scam in the beginning because everything sounded too good to be true. However, everything that we were told was TRUE and now we are out of that Timeshare for good! I, Kathy, am a big skeptic, so I did not believe the comments posted on your website. I took a chance, and I am happy to say that now I know the comments on your website are true.

Yes you can use us as a reference. You can post this comment on your website if you wish. We are extremely grateful to you and everyone that worked with us to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We did mean to write to you to express our thanks, but it always skipped our mind…so much other stuff going on. Thanks for contacting us! Be assured that if we know anyone else wanting to donate a Timeshare, we WILL be sending them your way.

We can not thank you enough!!!


Brooks & Kathy F October 16, 2015

Donated September 2

Well yes we were both pleased with the transfer process, he timeshare business is full of advertising, and resale scams we were glad to find a genuine charity who did as it said. Everything went smoothly . and i would and will recommend the Florida veterans to anyone who wants to donate timeshare. and yes you may use me as a reference from time to time.

all the best ,

Dave October 16, 2015

Donated June 8

Thanks for the note.

Yes, we were very satisfied with the donation process. Especially after almost going with another organization that cost slightly less, but turned out to be some kind of scam. I was able to use the tax receipt for our 2010 taxes and am extremely relieved to be rid of the time share that we never used. The fact that the donation was used to assist Veteran’s is the icing on the cake.
Yes, you may use me as a reference.
Take care

TAG October 16, 2015

Donated June 11

Yes, we were very pleased with the donation process. It allowed us to get rid of the burden of our timeshare maintenance fees while donating to a worthy cause. I believe donating is an excellent alternative for timeshare owners who can’t sell (or even give away) their timeshares. You can certainly use us as a reference if you would like.

Thank you,

Mike K October 16, 2015

Donated August 17

It was my pleasure and relief to be able to put the timeshare to good use. My husband and I are both veterans and were thrilled to be able to donate the Timeshare to a worthy cause. We support our troops in any way that we can. As for the process it was as painless as possible. All concerns were answered fully and I was kept informed every step of the way. You certainly may use us as a reference when needed. And thank you.

Marilyn D October 16, 2015

Donated August 25

Yes I would be happy to be a reference for you. You were very informative and were there if I needed an answer to a question. The process was smooth and took how long you said it would. I was very pleased with the whole process. Thanks again.

Mike October 16, 2015

Donated September 28

We were very pleased with the donation process and appreciated your help. We had looked on the internet and had discovered a lot of bad press out there on these types of donations overall. After speaking with you directly, we were impressed by your honestly and professionalism, so much so that we felt absolutely no concern in donating our Parkway timeshare to Florida Veterans. We could not imagine a better use for an asset that we could no longer afford than to make sure it provides a veteran with a good experience. We would be happy to be a reference for you.

Best regards,

Lynn and John G Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Canada October 16, 2015

Donated December 17

I am pleased with the service you provided. Yes you may use me as a positive reference.

Jim B October 16, 2015

Donated December 27

As you know, in the beginning I was very, very skeptical about going through the timeshare donation process and was fully expecting to be unpleasantly surprised at some point of the process. However, being a veteran myself, I thought that this could serve a worthy cause and also help my family, so I took the chance. Much to my delight, the process was exactly as you described and was actually completed ahead of schedule. Thanks to you, my elderly mother can now quit worrying about paying a couple of thousand dollars a year in maintenance fees for 2 timeshare units that were never used. I will be happy to tell others about our experience with Florida Veterans and in particular the great way you kept your promises and always responded quickly to all my many questions and concerns. You are the best and you can quote me on that!

Best regards,

Bob J October 16, 2015